Exit Graciously

Waltz out in style! Give a proper fairwell to your loved ones, show them you care enough to take care of your final expenses and funeral costs.


It’s hard for a family today to come up with money for a funeral, and other final expenses. Wills, death certificates in multiple copies (which by the way, is the only official document with your name on it that will have multiple original copies) and not even counting funeral service, flowers, cards, plot or as some would prefer: cremation. These all get expensive.


Final Expense life insurance plan = it’s just that: life insurance. Small policies that are mainly intended to cover funeral costs are usually called Final Expense life insurance. Everything works the same as a life insurance policy: your beneficiary receives the funds after your demise, and they can use it for anything they choose, not only on funeral expenses. Some people buy extra to help the remaining family pay off the mortgage, in case of a death of a breadwinner in the family. That would help the remaining spouse or family members if they may want to take their time to mourn, and not be forced to go back to work sooner than they’re ready.


They say – funerals are for the living, so give them a proper show and be remembered that you went out in style! Get that pink coffin, or that teak urn! Show them you still got it, even from beyond.

So you can plan to pay for a nice funeral, or even leave some extra to your loved ones even if you didn’t save for it: that’s what insurance was created for: pay a little now and get a larger benefit when the covered risk happens.

Well, there certainly is no risk in THIS deal right here, cause one day sooner or later we all cash in. They say taxes and death are the only things that are guaranteed, but ironically – death benefits from life insurance are NOT taxable! Yeah, you leave $50,000 to your grandkid, they get exactly that – no taxes taken out or payable from life insurance proceeds.

And the best thing – that $50,000 policy may only cost you $80-90 bucks if you get it when you’re younger. Rates depend on current age at time of purchase, but then you lock-in the rate, the premium will NEVER increase for the rest of your life. So, the younger you are when you purchase it, the cheaper it is and you lock-in that low price for life.


“Ok, but will I qualify? My health is not that good!” Yes, everyone qualifies! The only difference is – if you have some major health issues, your rate will be a bit higher. But you can still get coverage.


“What companies underwrite the policy? who pays the benefit?”  We’ll match you with the lowest cost company available for your situation. Some clients receive Aetna policies, Mutual of Omaha, Gerber Life, Globe, etcetera. Only A-rated companies which are stable and have been around for many many years supporting their clients.


If somehow we don’t have a great plan for you, we’ll tell you just that and not push you to buy something that’s not in your best interest. We measure our success in the number of happy clients. and not who pays the biggest commission. 


I hope this answers most questions, if not please do give me a call on my personal cellphone, I will make sure to clarify any jargon or details and explain everything. This is a life-and-death conversation, everyone needs to understand what they’re signing up for.


Call my office at 888-888-0188 or my personal number at 239-466-4466.



Daniel “LifeGuy” Dragan – creator of brands like: LifeGuy, Family Care Life, MortgagePayPlan.com, MedicareMeds and the Financial Guards.





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