(Can I get) Life Insurance after cancer diagnosis? YES

Many people think of getting life insurance usually after a close brush with death due to an accident or a recent diagnosis of cancer, heart problem or other major illness.

You may think it’s too late to get life insurance after you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or a major illness, however you STILL HAVE OPTIONS: there are plans called “Guaranteed-issue Life Insurance” – a whole life plan that offers a bit higher rates than normal but still affordable.

A Guaranteed-issue life insurance plan has all the same benefits as a regular life insurance plan, fixed rates locked-in for life guaranteed not to increase as you age, but the caveat is that it will pay differently if a death occurs in the first TWO policy years: usually a refund of all premiums plus a 4-10% interest is payable for death due to illness that occurs in the initial 2 policy years, so there would be no loss or premiums paid either way.

This Guaranteed-issue Whole Life plan is made availableΒ  so that ANYONE can get life insurance coverage, no matter their current health status.


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