Disability Insurance


Get up to $10,000 CASH REIMBURSEMENT PLAN for Lost Wages due to Illness, Accident or Hospitalization

Are you concerned about your bills or mortgage payments in case of a loss of income due to an accident or sickness? A CASH REIMBURSEMENT PLAN also called Disability Income policy can cover your monthly living expenses for UP TO $10,000/mo,  if you lose your salary or revenue due to a medical reason: ANY medical issues – including cancers, heart problems, even migraines, COVID-19 or all health conditions that can cause you to lose your income.

Loss of income due to sickness or injury are the number one reason for bankruptcy or default on mortgage.

A Cash Reimbursement Plan for lost wages (usually called “Disability Income plan”) will guarantee that you can cover payments for mortgage and everyday expenses if you lose your income due to a sickness or accident.


Get up to $10,000 Cash Reimbursement Benefit per month for lost income due to health issues.

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