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After you click SUBMIT APPLICATION above, an underwriter will review and contact you if needed to confirm any information provided on your application. After approval, a policy will be mailed to INSURED or PAYOR.

Coverage starts after underwriting approval of your rate. You will receive a policy by mail. A telephone call with the Underwriter may be necessary before approval. NO MEDICAL EXAM needed for benefits up to $40,000. Over $40,000 it's possible to need physical measurements and urine sample/test, possibly a blood test needed depending on your age, benefit amount applied for and time since last Dr. visit.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: you have 30 days to receive full refund, if the coverage does not satisfy your needs. After the first 30 days, you may cancel at any time and coverage will stop at your request. Otherwise, your coverage will last for the life of the policy and premiums will never increase during that time.